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Facial Recognition based EGM isolation for problem gambling
The system, including a high-definition camera, is installed into the player tracking panel of the gaming machine. It can be installed into any gaming machine, old or new.


When an unknown player goes to the machine, the indicator will go green to show that the machine has been enabled. On the dashboard view behind the bar there is an image showing the person playing the machine, a green border on the image indicates that the machine is enabled.

Self-Excluded Player

When an excluded player attempts to use a gaming machine, the system will first identify that a person is present and then a search is performed to see if that person is enrolled in the problem gambling database, if so then the system will immediately disable the machine, preventing game play.

EGM Isolation

The only option the person has at this point is to cash-out his money. The dashboard behind the bar clearly shows the a person has been detected and their stored profile photo is presented as the match along with their name and any other details..