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Gaming machines are designed with a player tracking panel. This panel is an ideal location to install a camera for security and monitoring purposes. In New Zealand, and many other jurisdictions, the player tracking panel is used only for branding or general signage purposes.

The system includes a small camera mounted in the player tracking panel. This camera monitors the face of the person playing the machine. The system continuously checks the face of the player against a database of people who have elected to opt-out of gambling for a period and people who have been formally excluded from gambling by venue or casino staff. If the system identifies that the player is a 95% or stronger match to a person in the database, the gaming machine is promptly disabled. The machine then automatically enables when the problem gambler leaves the machine. If the system detects that the player is between a 70% and 95% match, the system forwards a message to the venue's staff via the venue management software, instructing the venue staff to investigate and enquire further.

Recent advances in facial recognition technology mean that a satisfactory level of accuracy and reliability can now be assured. The system is perfectly suited to the gaming machine environment due to the close proximity between a player and the camera location.