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The Use of Exclusion Orders in New Zealand

The exact number of excluded persons and exclusion orders that exist in New Zealand is not known. New Zealand Community Trust keeps a record of the number of exclusion orders that are in existence at its venues. In March 2013, New Zealand Community Trust had 150 venues and 1,244 exclusion orders in place (an average of 8.29 exclusion orders per venue). As at 30 September 2012 there were 1,390 class 4 venues in New Zealand. Assuming New Zealand Community Trust's venues represent a fair sample, based on 1,390 venues it would be reasonable to conclude that there are approximately 11,527 exclusion orders currently in place in New Zealand (this includes multi-venue exclusions).

The Department of Internal Affairs and the various problem gambling treatment providers are promoting and expanding the current paper based multi-venue exclusion system. As the multi-venue exclusion system is implemented in more and more towns and cities, the number of exclusion orders in existence in New Zealand will grow.